Our QUALITY over quantity approach to training will help eliminate countless “junk” miles and provide the greatest return on investment.  We utilize the metabolic testing results to determine the type of stimulus to be applied and at what intensities.  These results are also the foundation used for creating individualized training plans, which address the client’s inefficiencies in both training and diet.  We begin to teach the body how to tap into the proper energy systems during exercise. 

By coming onboard with Sparks Systems, you will be provided with a Premium Training Peaks account.  Training Peaks is the software we use to upload daily training sessions, analyze training data, view post-activity comments after each workout, and it also provides us with a clear picture of the effectiveness of each training session. Every training session has a purpose in bringing our clients closer to achieving their goals and Training Peaks is an excellent tool for tracking this progress.

Training Peaks gives a snapshot of the data, but Sparks Systems goes beyond just the data and works closely with our athletes via phone, email, text, and Training Peaks correspondence to create a quality working relationship with each client. 

Achieving the best performance is not only communicating which workouts are best for you, but also creating a relationship of great communication, which brings about a true holistic approach to coaching. 

Sparks Systems coaching includes both elite and novice cyclists for road biking, mountain biking, cyclocross, enduro, as well as triathlon, and endurance running. We also work with those who are training for LIFE and just seeking out guidance to help enhance their quality of life.

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