Sparks Nutrition System is provided by a Registered Dietician/Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialistâ„¢ to guide clients towards health, wellness and fitness by modifying daily and sports nutrition to promote metabolic efficiency. Metabolic efficiency is a key component to optimizing blood sugar and insulin levels, burning more body fat and having a leaner body, decreasing body inflammation, boosting your body's ability to heal and recover, increasing overall energy and strength, decreasing injury and risk of chronic disease, and improving athletic performance. 

Sparks Nutrition System focuses on your unique, individual physiology and creates an easy to follow, specific, nutrition plan utilizing whole, unrefined, non-processed, delicious foods while considering your lifestyle, health, age, gender, body composition, and goals. It is optimal to meet once per month for the first 3 months to allow for greater modification and success. As with most behavior and health goals, they can take a bit to reach. Nutrition modifications require patience, practice, and consistency. Your appointments can be conveniently done via phone or in-person. 

Sparks Nutrition System will empower you to create your health and wellness future!

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