The perfect team — each member of our crew brings an expertise and enthusiasm to their work; we care about your results.

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Anna Sparks, MS - Founder & Owner, Coach, Physiologist

Anna Sparks has been working as a personal coach for over six years.   Anna is remarkably qualified for a science-based approach to coaching and has an undeniable genuine desire to help athletes realize their full potential.  Anna’s impressive athletic resume began with the Ole Miss Rebels Soccer Team at the University of Mississippi where she also received a B.S. degree in Exercise Science and Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. She began dabbling in cycling and triathlon in 2004 after her collegiate soccer career.  She realized her talent on the bike and transitioned to competitive cycling in 2009 and and went on to race in the womens professional peloton for six years. After her professional career, Anna still rides with friends, and has  aspirations to become a professional hiker.

Anna was a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Ole Miss Rebels athletic department while completing her master’s degree.  During this time, Anna also completed an internship in strength and conditioning at Auburn University working with Olympic swimmers. After completing her master’s degree she became the assistant soccer coach at The University of Arkansas and spent four years coaching the Lady Razorback Soccer Team. She moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2008 to join the Arizona State Sun Devils as the assistant soccer coach and also worked for 4 years as a personal coach for Sigma Coaching before starting Sparks Systems in 2015.


Erica Zaveta - Coach

Erica obtained her B.A. of Exercise Science (English Minor) from Brevard College. Erica competes as a professional bike racer, racing at the highest level in the disciplines of mountain bike, road cycling, and cyclocross. She is currently racing for Cylance Pro Cycling for the road season as well as Maxxis Shimano for professional cyclocross. 

She began racing road bikes at the age of 15 and has continually grown in the sport for the last decade. She holds 5 individual national titles in collegiate racing including: MTB Cross Country, Short Track, Downhill, Cyclocross, MTB omnium, as well as team relay in cyclocross and mountain bike. Her first year on a professional team, Erica raced for the US National team at the Pan American games and several European World Cups. The following year she moved to England and raced the early season elite mountain bike world cups finishing among the top in her division. Over time she found interest in cyclocross and raced again over seas with the national team for cyclocross world cups.   

Erica has a passion for improving the experience of cycling for anyone, not just competition athletes. Her skill as a professional road, cyclocross, and cross country mountain cyclist, combined with her advanced education makes her an incredible valuable asset to anyone looking to enhance their cycling prowess.

 Photo Credit:   Ben Pederson

Valerie Grosso, RDN - Director of Nutrition

Valerie Grosso RDN, METS™ is a dynamic, self-motivated, successful Registered Dietitian Nutritionist/Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist™ who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University.  Valerie guides and empowers her clients towards improved health, wellness, and performance by optimizing daily and sports nutrition to promote metabolic health and efficiency. 

Valerie’s focus is the integration of whole, unrefined, real food with evidence based research to optimize blood sugar and insulin levels, promote body fat use, decrease body inflammation, boost the body’s ability to heal and recover, increase overall energy and strength, decrease injury and risk of chronic disease, and improve athletic performance.

In her spare time, Valerie enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, cycling, strength training, and challenging mainstream, conventional nutrition guidelines.



Brandon Hinson, ATC, ITAT - Metabolic Testing Administrator

Brandon received his bachelors degree from Grand Canyon University in Athletic Training. While at GCU, he had the opportunity to work with many sports teams in his clinical rotations. Brandon worked with ASU baseball, GCU soccer and volleyball, all of the teams at SCC, Sunnyslope High School, and Apollo High School. After graduating and receiving his certification and licensure as an Athletic Trainer, Brandon received training as an Emergency Medical Technician. His focus at the time was solely emergency and acute care for the athletic population. Shortly after, Brandon went on to pursue a certification as an ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainer as well. He began focusing on concussion recognition and management. Brandon practiced in a Physical Therapy setting as well as at a local high school for three years after that before making his transition into Advanced Metabolic Testing.

It was these experiences and meeting Anna and seeing how her company operated and their goals for patient outcomes that drove Brandon towards preventative medicine and working with Sparks Systems. He has loved it every day since! Brandon is here because he hopes to see this phenomenal program implemented across the nation for all populations. Preventative medicine that truly changes lives without medication is a rarity and Anna has got a good one!


Kapri Gonzales - Metabolic Testing Administrator, Social Media Manager

Kapri received her Bachelors of Science from Arizona State University in Exercise and Wellness with an emphasis in Health Promotion. While in college, she was introduced to cycling and began racing some collegiate races, worked her way up to a domestic elite cycling team, and raced for State Bicycle Co. as their first female athlete on the team.  After racing for a handful of years, she took a step back to focus on completing her degree. Although Kapri does not race anymore, she still rides - mostly mountain bikes, and loves to be outside enjoying the beautiful Arizona landscape via bikes, hiking, or out on the Salt River.

Kapri shares information about Sparks Systems on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Follow us to stay up to date and learn about Sparks Systems!

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Jenn Schuknecht - Metabolic Coach, Program Manager

Jenn Schuknecht is a metabolic specialist and health coach with Sparks Systems. She has a passion for people and loves encouraging them to live life to the fullest by seeking wellness in their lives. Her experience in the wellness industry spans over the course of 14 years-from running the corporate wellness program at to coaching both individual novice and professional athletes. For the past 5 years she has also run a non-profit that organizes adventure races to raise money for youth programs throughout Arizona. 
Jenn also has a passion for working with children. She loves pouring her energy into the lives of young girls, encouraging them to be bold, face fears and love bikes. Jenn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Arizona State University. She loves riding her road and mountain bikes both racing and adventuring anywhere she can on two  wheels.