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Sparks Systems relies on metabolic testing to pinpoint inefficiencies in both exercise and nutrition. Our Metabolic Health Coaches and Registered Dietitians address these inefficiencies in each client’s training and nutrition plans, thus providing our clients the maximum return on investment. Every client at Sparks Systems will perform one or all of the following types of metabolic tests: running test on a treadmill, cycling test on an upright bike (or computrainer), or resting to determine one’s RMR (resting metabolic rate).



What is Metabolic Testing? 

Most people have heard the term “VO2 max testing” when looking for a determinate of overall fitness or fitness potential. Maximum Volume of Oxygen (VO2 max) refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that can be consumed during exercise by working muscles. In a sense, it refers to the size of a person’s “engine.” Metabolic testing allows us to accurately determine a person’s VO2 max and their potential for endurance performance.

However, VO2 max is not a good indicator of a person’s efficiency — which, at the end of the day, is the most important component of training and nutrition. Efficiency refers to a person’s ability to tap into a variety of energy stores, such as fat stores, to fuel working muscles. In addition to VO2 max, metabolic testing also allows us to determine the efficiency of a person’s metabolic system. Thus, the results from a client’s metabolic test serve dual purposes: 1. to help our coaches determine heart rate training zones to increase overall aerobic fitness, and 2. to help our Registered Dietitians accurately modify your nutrition to address any/all inefficiencies. 


How to use metabolic testing results?

After performing a metabolic test, clients will be provided with individual heart rate training zones, which take the guesswork out of training and ability to increase your overall aerobic fitness.  Your results will also be used to determine where inefficiencies lie from a metabolic standpoint so overall health can be addressed through diet modifications and adjusting training intensities.    

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